5 Reasons to Use Presenter View in Microsoft PowerPoint

We all have peeves. For me, sitting through a presentation given by an unprepared presenter or a verbatim-slide-reader is enough to send me running from a conference room.

I am a constant advocate for preparedness but I also understand there are times when presenters are not always able to be as a prepared as they should be. In that case, I highly recommend giving Presenter View a try.

Now, no tool can truly replace the elegance of a well prepared presenter but Presenter View can certainly provide a helping hand to presenters at all levels and if you are still a work in progress as far as preparedness goes, this little tool can help you fake it until you make it. Let’s take a look at how to curb the desire-to-read-slides-in-slow-motion-to-your-audience madness with an established but often overlooked feature.

5. Your audience will never know you’re using it

4. See what’s coming next

In addition to viewing the current slide and animation, you can see the next animation or slide. Your verbal segues will be much smoother.

3. Stick your timing

Presenter view comes complete with a nifty timer and a clock.

2. Annotations feel more natural

Feel free to use the pen tool (CTRL + P for Windows, CMD + P for Mac) to draw all over your slides when you need to.

1. Load up on Speaker Notes

You can view Speaker Notes privately at all times with Presenter View. Use Speaker Notes to keep you on track, remind you of specific talking points or fill them with the details of your entire presentation. So avoid the need to include copious amounts of text to your slides and cram that text in the notes section of each slide, instead. This way your audience can focus on you and how knowledgeable and awesome you obviously are.

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